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Uber Talented Child Star Zachary Alexander Rice, A Genius And A Gentleman, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive Interview

 Celebrity News

Zachary Alexander Rice is a budding young star who has taken Hollywood and absolutely anyone who ever met him by storm. Not like any child star in history, with the exception of possibly Shirley Temple and Kirk Cameron; Zachary has his head on straight and is not only ready for his “Close-up,” but he has had several close-ups and brushes with fame. The fact that he is the son of two great parents definitely helps him in this tough industry.  Zach’s father, Steve is a rocket scientist for Grumman. And his mother, McKenzie “Kenzie,” who came along with Zach on this interview is very accomplished in her own right.   Kenzie is an award winning artist who’s work has been commissioned by The Grammy Foundation for the past two years in a row. Last year her painting of Barbra Streisand was auctioned off for $50,000 and most recently, she has been commissioned to paint Sir Paul McCartney. However, as with anything that occurs in this family, Zack is put first and foremost, and his amazing upbringing has been instrumental in creating a young star, who has never lost his manners, gratitude and most of all, his kind spirit.

The prolific young actor has appeared on TV, on stage and on the big screen.  “I loved working with JJ Abrams, Tommy. I hope to work with him again,” said Zach in an exclusive interview with Highlight Hollywood.  Not only did Zach have a role in Abrams’s “Super 8” last year, but he’s also starred in several feature films including; “Little Fockers,” and currently is filming “Knightswood” and “They Work For Tips.”

How many young 7-year-olds in Hollywood can tout that they have worked with Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Russell Brand, Owen Wilson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and Brad Garrett? Only Zachary can make such a statement. But he takes it all in stride. “I loved working with all of them. I really enjoy acting, and everyone that I have worked with has given me instructions, Tommy. That I realize is invaluable, and for that, I am very grateful to every co-star I’ve had,” said young Rice.  That’s how Zach was raised. He embraces every opportunity with gratitude, and when you speak with him, you have to remind yourself that this is actually a kid. A young man, but an old soul, far beyond his time, Rice is moving very swiftly to creating his own brand of stardom, and it’s amazing to watch his rise.

Part of celebrity is having a growing following, and did you know that Zach has over twenty thousand Twitter followers and he is not only listed in IMDB’s top 5000 but IMDB has listed him in the top ten kids to look at for in 2012!  The young Master Rice has also recently authored his first book, “Act Like A Kid.” After years of getting advice about how to break into acting, Zach now has penned his story on giving young kids his advice on breaking into acting. “I didn’t think that it was anything special to write the book, Tommy. I wanted to help others, and that’s how I was raised. I am the luckiest kid in the world, I love life, and I have the best parents on the planet. How could I not share,” the adorable and talented young star tells Highlight Hollywood in his first exclusive and in depth interview.

Plus, Zach he has requested that a portion of the books proceeds be donated to a charity for homeless animals. Zach’s currently seen in several national commercials. My favorites are the Doritos commercial and the Volks Wagon commercial. This young man is taking Hollywood and the world by storm!  Zach also has a very solid stand-up comedy act going in Hollywood. Yes, he’s funny too. And his adoring female fans just go nuts whenever they see him or hear him.  But all of this, you’d be stunned to know that Zach is still such a humble young little boy.

Everything about Zach is easy-going. Which is why JJ Abrams and everyone else who has ever worked with the most talented 7-year-old on the planet loves working with him.  When asked how he broke into the business. He admitted, “I was with my mother, and we were walking down a street in Nashville, when a producer came up to us and suggested to my mother that I try out for parts and get into the business.” That was one eagle-eyed producer. Because from the moment I met Zach, I felt like an extra ray of sunshine was beaming down upon the planet, and any time you are near this young man, he makes you feel special, always proper, great manners and the wisdom that many ten times his age lack.

Zachary introduced his adorable Chihuahua, and when asked what its name was. He quickly responded with laughter, “JJ. I named him after JJ Abrams, and he (Abrams) got a big kick out of it,” said young Rice. I am sure he did, I remembered telling Zachary with a smile.  Then I was reminded why Zach is so good in the nationally aired JC Penney commercial as well. The family-friendly clothing company is doing its best to appeal to the youth and to middle-America families, and Zach is by far the most outstanding and sharp young man I know, but he has ideal appeal that is likable in the most genuine manner. I remember telling his manager (C. Allen) how much I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interviewing his client, and we went on and on for almost an hour singing his praises. JJ Abrams does the same; in fact everyone who meets Zachary Alexander will rave about him.

When asked what he’d like to do most. “Appear on a sitcom. I loved working with Brad Garrett, and I think doing a sitcom with him or anyone else would be a dream come true, Tommy,” said Zachary.  Any producers or network executives who are reading Highlight Hollywood should scoop this kid up before he becomes King of the World, and that’s definitely in the near future.  I have never seen anyone Zach’s age to multi-talented, well-bred, well-mannered and professional. And did I say how handsome and gracious he is? Well, if so, forgive me, but I’ve never been so impressed by any child star in my entire career! And he’s the first, I’d personally vouch for as well.

Being an only child, Zach finds his solace and playtime with his two dogs.  But I asked him what does his JJ like to do when he’s ready for a break from play?  “He runs under the bed, and if I bother him too much, he might pee under the bed, but I try not to make him that tired, too often,” concluded Hollywood’s next child star-extraordinaire; Zachary Alexander Rice.

You can follow us at  And Zach, do tell your followers to follow us at Highlight Hollywood, your fans’ source of everything Zachary Rice is doing now, and in the future! I made Zach’s mom (Kenzie) and mega-Talent manager (C. Allen) promise that I get all of this kid’s exclusives in the future. There will be many!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:
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