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About Zach

“One of the most animated, energetic and captivating comedians I’ve ever seen.” // The Giggle

Zachary Alexander Rice was born in Irvine, California to famed Artist McKenzie and Computer Scientist, Steven Rice. Zach has always been an enthusiastic and social child who loved talking, singing, and performing from the early age of 2.

At age 3, Zach began memorizing monologues from movies and complete comedy routines to perform for family and friends. It was obvious to everyone that Zach had a passion for performing!

At age 4, Zach was approached by a film producer who gave Zach his first break and a starring role. It was Zach's first taste of the movie business and he was hooked!

Zach has been constantly working in Film, Television, Voice, and Commercials. He has completed a long list of projects and has many more on the horizon.

Zach loves playing all sports and takes many classes such as; hip hop, stand-up comedy, horse-back riding, kick-boxing, guitar, and theater. He is friendly, well-mannered, mature, and extremely dedicated to his passion for acting. He is part of the gifted and talented program.
- IMDb Mini Biography By: Kelly Kardenas

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