• John S. Barker

Meet Tiktok's "King of Minecraft" Zachary Alexander Rice aka @ZachRiceTV

He's a working actor with cool celebrity pals, millions of fans, 100's of millions of views, tons of sponsored partnerships and he just turned 16:

by John S. Barker

Who could imagine that a young 16 year old actor, stuck at home while Hollywood is "shut-down" from Covid, would turn his quarantine time into a video-tip gaming phenomenon? Well, it happened and I catch up with the busiest Gen Z'er around.

 Here is my interview with Zachary Alexander Rice aka @ZachRiceTV:

John: How did you decide to start making Minecraft Videos?

ZachRiceTV: I was really lost and discouraged when the quarantine happened. I was on-hold for a lead role in a big movie that got scrapped 'cuz of the virus. I was moping around for a few days until finally my Mom couldn't take it anymore. (laughs) She barged into my bedroom and said, "Get yourself up, be productive and create something fun!"

John: I get it- going from a red-carpet celebrity actor to a kid stuck in your bedroom must have been rough. How did you decide on Minecraft as the topic for your vids?

ZachRiceTV: At the time, I didn't realize that my Mom's words were about to change my life. I just knew that she was right and that creating made me happy. So, I figured why not combine my comedy with my fav pastime, playing Minecraft. It seemed like a perfect match. It was as simple as that.

John: When did you realize that your content was resonating with your fans?

ZachRiceTV: I was shocked. Right after the first video. Everybody started dm'ing me saying that my content was on their "For you" page. It was crazy. I kept posting vids and they kept being pushed to the "For You" page by the viewers. My fans said that up to 5 of my videos were on their page at the same time. It was insane!

John: That is incredible. I saw your analytics. 100's of millions of views! Could you have ever imagined from that first successful video, what it was going to turn into?

ZachRiceTV: No. I could never have imagined that less than 6 months later, I would have tons of partnership deals, and be starring on a new TV show that incorporates my love of Minecraft INTO the character on the show. It seems like I am living a dream. I am scared to wake up! (laughs)

John: Can you tell us a bit about the show?

ZachRiceTV: Actually, I can't say too much yet--but, I can say that it will be unlike any show that you've ever seen!

John: Can you tell us how it is different, at least? (chuckles)

ZachRiceTV: Yah. It incorporates my real-life into the life of the fictional character you will see on screen. The character will play Minecraft, hang out with friends, and investigate supernatural phenomena- like I really do.

John: WAIT, WHAT? You investigate, what?

ZachRiceTV: (Laughs hard) Ya, Man. I have always been fascinated with the unexplained. You know; the paranormal, ufos, cryptids, all of it. That's what is so cool about the new show. It is kind of a cross between the X-Files, Stranger Things, and real-life! It is wild. The best part is that the prequel to the show is unfolding right now on social media!

John: Are you kidding? What does that mean?

ZachRiceTV: There are many levels to show. Like I said-never been done before. Fans from all over the world are already participating. They are solving puzzles, investigating real-life mysteries and interconnecting with other fans online! It is a whole under-ground thing.

John: I had no idea. How deep does this go and what is the University of Cryptozoology on saw on your Instagram?

ZachRiceTV: It goes super deep. Many levels down. Ever heard of an ARG? "Alternate Reality Game"? Well, that's in there, too- the only thing that I can disclose is that the University of Cryptozoology is at the heart of EVERYTHING. It is a real-life University that investigates all things mysterious and unsolved - and I was recently admitted as an official researcher- thanks to an academic letter of recommendation from my mentor, Professor and Psychic Explorer, Mark Anthony. He is a world-renowned evidential medium and investigator- and one of coolest guys I know- Like a psychic Indiana Jones. Cool. Just so cool.

John: Wow! Congratulations. Gosh, when I was 16, I was too scared to talk to my crush, Cindy, or even learn to drive! I feel like I was such a loser next to you! (laughing hard) Ok, so now tell me about the Minecraft Server.

ZachRiceTV: Yah. Well, I am working on that now with a group of my friends- super cool dudes- Sueco the Child, Marcus, and Lucus - What's really dope is that I talked to the Producers of the new show and convinced them to have the writers build all three of them into the storyline. So, in real-life we will have this Minecraft server that will also be part of the show. It is a "blurred-lines" kinda' thing. It is epic. Stay tuned everyone out there! It will be ready soon and like nothing ever seen or created before! Look out Hypixel we are coming to get 'ya! (laughing)

John: Geez. Can I borrow a "band" You are on your way to being a big time mogul! Look out Elon Musk, there is a new billionaire in town and he is doing it 20 years before you did! (joking) How do you keep your head on straight? I mean this is a lot.

ZachRiceTV: I have to give all the credit to my family, especially my Mom. She is a strong, successful businesswoman--and she has always believed in me-- and supported everything and anything that I wanted to do. It's like- she is there to push me, steer me, and keep me grounded. I just feel really lucky.

John: Luck is only a small part of it Zach. It seems like you take the ball and run with it. Do you have any advice for other kids out there that wish to follow in your footsteps?

ZachRiceTV: Yes. Don't be afraid to try. Don't be afraid of what other people might say-Especially your friends. Be focused and bulletproof!

John: Great advice my man! (digital high five) You can follow Zachary Alexander Rice aka @ZachRiceTV on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and keep an eye out for his new show through IMDB

Don't be afraid to try. Don't be afraid of what other people might say-Especially your friends. Be focused and bulletproof! ZachRiceTV